Goodbye Borders :'(

It’s official. According to The Wall Street Journal they will most likely cave in this week. Borders Group Inc., pretty much like the whole world (I kinda thought they were “unsinkable” like the Titanic.), is expected to file for bankruptcy at the beginning of this week.

Borders fans, along with everyone aware of the situation, speculate the company’s fold is a consequence of lacking a digital revolution. Barnes & Noble, their strongest competitor, restructured their facilities to accommodate the public’s demands of our computer era (Translation: E-books, download stations and such).

For some reason I thought of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail. Closing up shop hurts not only “The Man”, but their customers as well.

I want to express my condolences to the Publishing and Retail Industry. This may serve to us writers as a lesson, to embrace the new world of digitalization and roll with the punches.

May you rest in peace Borders.

May we, the public, find another place to read our books and sip our coffees. If you don’t live near a Barnes & Nobles, that is (Like me).

‘Till then.

Yours truly,



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