Writing Exercise #1

When it comes to honing your craft, no cliché sounds better than “practice makes perfection”.

I once read a story about a guitar virtuoso who was intercepted by an avid fanatic.

The fan said: “Maestro, maestro! I would give up my life to play like you!”

The famous guitarist sighed and said: “That is exactly what I did.”
Just as reading everyday should be a part of a writer’s agenda, without writing compulsively a writer will fail to discover his true voice. So start now!

Grab a piece of paper or open a new blank document in your computer. Read the following excercise and complete it within 10 minutes:

You woke up with no recollection of what happened during the past twenty-four hours. Your car is missing and there is a note on your bed that reads “No time to explain.” [Continue]

10 minutes have passed… STOP!!!!

How was this experience for you? What did you come up with? Even when these exercises may seem stupid or trivial to you, they will broaden your senses and help you on the way to becoming a great writer.


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