Writers – Envious little pricks!

I read The Writer Magazine (March 2011 edition) and Kerry Cohen’s article on writer’s envy touched me the most. Before today, I hadn’t given any thought to the importance of this factor. Call it the “Green Monster”, the “inner child” or what you will, but this little [bleep] is a cunning, conniving menace who will tear you up if you let it.

“But I write better than her and she got published!” You may say. “What about me? What about my million-dollar book deal, my house in L.A., my brand new car and my being friends with Jo Rowling and Stephy Meyer?”

Truth is, as Jack Canfield would say, overnight success never (And he means NEVER) happens overnight. Successful writers push, pull, cry, whine, shout, laugh, yell louder, bawl some more and then realize, if they ever do, life is all about running as fast as you can towards your desired destination. People will be faster and more prepared than you, yet even when they beat you to it, they will never (and I mean NEVER) be you.

You’re racing against yourself. Wake up, warm up, train a lot, then train some more, walk, jog and run. Run as fast as you can, until you eventually get there.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
Thomas Edison


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