Wings, Spells and everything Aprilynne Pike

I learned about Aprilynne Pike after looking for information on literary agent: Jodi Reamer. She represents many authors I love like: John Green, Carolyn Mackler, Stephenie Meyer and my recent discovery, Mrs. Pike.

If you liked Meyer’s Twilight Saga, you may be drawn to Pike’s writing style as they have noticeable similarities. Even when the stories have their unique voices (one speaks of vampires, the other about fairies), reading them makes you feel cozy and warm inside. If you like drama and enchanted worlds, you should definitely give Aprilynne Pike’s series a try.

For TIPS on Querying Jodi Reamer from Aprilynne Pike herself press here.

For TIPS from Casey McCormick’s Agent Spotlight, Jodi Reamer press here. (Incredible Literary Agent. Did I mention Jodi is a woman?)


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