L.K. Madigan, see you soon.

As I write these words, tears fall involuntarily over my eyelashes, into my cheeks. Death and I have a strange relationship, and I’m always angry at her whenever she decides to go for the younger souls.

L.K. Madigan passed away yesterday (most people already know this). What touches me the most is the way she managed the excruciating news of her illness, and the how her husband reacted online (Beautifully).

Last year I lost a friend, thirty two years old, to cancer.

Last month I thought I, myself, would have to battle this illness after an X-ray showed a mass on my right breast, and said: suspicion of malignancy. I do not know why God, the Universe or whatever you call it, chose life for me. I am healthy as they come, and I never seize to be grateful.

I express my condolences through this blog to everyone who knew her personally, and I urge you, ALL of you, to count your blessings everyday and be grateful for what you have… which is priceless… LIFE.


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