What makes you throw away books?

I’m not a hoarder I must say, but throwing away books…hard…I…can’t…breathe. *Gasps*

I went on a trip yesterday with my sexy, bald and hairy husband (he’s bald up there and hairy everywhere else). We visited several stores in search of 50s and 60s clothes and ended up inside the Salvation Army.

First of all, what’s with the smell? It smelled like grandma’s house in there, but hey! I got a horrid dress and a pretty cool shirt for four bucks. Yipee! Sufice it to say I will wash those two items maybe three times, but will feel really proud wearing them as an actress, on this local play, about alcoholism (I’m a star from Jeremih starts playing and I bob my head).

When I walked through the awesome valley of cheap, I found a superhugekickass wall of books. I counted above five hundred. Well, maybe guessed. But there were a lot! I scavenged curiously looking for something of interest and to my shock found bestsellers like: Danielle Steel, Tom Clancy, Megan Abbott, Jack Canfield… even a book on the Albert Einstein. Some of them weren’t even read!

I know books certainly make great gifts. I give away mine when I feel that person will benefit from reading it, yet throwing away a book seems cruel. I pitied them. I wanted to take them home with me, all of them. Keep them company, nourish them and love them. I felt so sad leaving them there… abandoned.

As a reformed hoarder sane book lover I waved goodbye and payed the clerk without looking behind, but when I got into my car I asked my husband: “Why do people throw away books?” Unless it’s an extremely bad one, I can’t imagine why. What makes you throw away your books?


7 thoughts on “What makes you throw away books?

  1. Throw away books? Blasphemy! I had no idea the Salvation Army sold used books (cool!).

    I actually try and buy used $1 books from time to time from a store here. 😀 Speaking of, I need to go buy a new bookshelf now…

      • I will… as soon as I get my next paycheck. 😀
        And you’re welcome. it’s fun to read. Oh and before I forget, THANKS for your email! I have been SO BUSY i haven’t had a chance to respond.

  2. I love books, and they fill my life and home. But I give them away too, to libraries, to nonprofit groups and to friends. Never would I throw them away.
    I have seen some creative re-use of books by artists, including theamazing artist Federico Uribe who uses old books – the spines, covers, pages and more – to create beautiful pieces that look like trees, birds, animals.

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